Thursday Doors: Rusty Old Box

Not at all sure what the original purpose of this rusty old lock box was, but it’s not exactly secure any more! 🙂

Thursday Doors

Relying on the Griffin Family for Inspiration

Ok, so all I’ve got in my head for today’s prompt word from Fandango is the theme tune from Family Guy…

‘It seems today, that all you see

Is violence in movies, and sex on TV

But where are those good old family values

On which we used to rely…

Lucky there’s a family guy,

Lucky there’s a man who positively can do

All the things that make us laugh and cry

He’s our family guy!’

Walter Murphy

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Rely

Touting their Fear-Mongering Bullshit

I’m sitting here watching Andrew Marr’s Sunday morning show on the TV and in particular a one-to-one interview with Sajid Javid, our current Chancellor of the Exchequer. And honestly, Sajid Javid seems far more comfortable and well-versed in touting his fear-mongering bullshit about what a Labour government lead by Jeremy Corbyn would be like than discussing in-depth any potential post-election Conservative Party pledges. Give him his due, Andy Marr is constantly picking him up on it and correcting him but seriously guys – all I’m left feeling is that the Tory party are terrified of having their empty promises exposed and they’re running shit-scared of the electorate…

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Tout

Lost Youth

Sometimes I really enjoy being thoroughly middle-aged – these days I find when I’m out in public I’m almost invisible most of the time, a regular menopausal fat and frumpy fifty-something Mrs A N Other with poorly-styled hair and unfashionable but always-comfortable clothes.

I mean, no-one checks me out or pays me any attention any more when I’m walking down the street – no annoying wolf whistles or cat-calling from men, no sidelong judgemental glances from other women – surely that freedom to just be myself without comment or criticism has to be a good thing…?

And yet…

At other times part of me bemoans my long-lost youth. My previously voluptuous curves have lost their ample firmness and fallen foul of gravity, my skin has sagged, wrinkled and dulled, my blonde hair faded to grey. Menopause has in many ways left me feeling as flat as my failing female hormone levels. I feel a little lost, in limbo, emotionally entangled in an existential identity crisis I didn’t even know existed until it hit me…

And yet…

My three amazing children are now all adults, well into their 30s – in fact my son turns 37 tomorrow – and I have six beautiful grandchildren helping to turn my on-off middle-aged misery into myriad magical moments. Nothing can possibly beat this fantastic family feeling, and I know that without doubt my lost youth is ultimately someting to celebrate, not mourn… ❤

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Youth

A Beautiful Sight

Walking along the path by the Caledonian Canal yesterday afternoon I came across this beautiful sight – it was partly the way the light hit the boats that caught my eye, the bright highlights of the white masts and the softness of the pastel clouds reflected in the stillness of the water. There’s a slight curve in the canal at this point, so I came round the corner and there they were, all these beautiful boats sitting moored in the Muirtown Basin just waiting to be captured by my camera… it felt like one of those immediate photographic moments that was just meant to be… 🙂

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: ‘ght’

My New Neighbourhood

We’ve recently moved from London to Inverness, and have bought a house close to the Northernmost end of the Caledonian Canal… this is the view from Muirtown Locks, the part of the canal we see right at the end of our road 🙂

This afternoon I took a walk further along the path leading towards the mouth of the canal, where it meets the sea of the Beauly Firth…

At the mouth of the canal there is a huge stone welcoming everyone to the Caledonian Canal…

And some interesting sea-worthy structures to photograph…

I can see I’m going to enjoy living in our new home in Inverness! 🙂

Photo A Week Challenge: In the Neighbourhood