Car R’n’R

Car R’n’R here in Leytonstone, East London 🙂


Corner Shops Big and Small

The Victorians seem to have been big on building local corner shops into the fabric of their terraced housing, where the entrance is set into the cut-off corner itself, on a diagonal to the rest of the walls – we actually live in a flat where the original building was once a Victorian corner shop plus accommodation (converted to three individual flats in the 1980’s) 🙂

Bellyaching About Bellyache

Yesterday I had my three month check up with the doctor regarding my new healthy eating regime and the effects (or otherwise) to date on my decidedly dodgy digestive system.

Since I went for my first GP appointment nearly five months ago now, I’ve had an ultrasound scan (showing gallstones and a fatty liver) and both a colonoscopy and gastroscopy (showing a squeaky clean clear bowel and an inflamed stomach) and have been ultra-careful with what I’ve been eating. Low GI, low fat, low sugar, no citrus, less spicy foods, and no red meat at all – and definitely no comfort eating.

So, yesterday I was able to report back that my acid reflux (causing my stomach inflamation) is loads better, partly thanks to my medication and partly thanks to my change of diet – woo-hoo! So that’s a major improvement, no burning pain and no constant regurgitation after eating absolutely anything – result! No idea if my cholesterol levels are any lower yet, but further blood tests will reveal all soon enough.

And of course however great it was to know I don’t have anything nasty going on like bowel cancer (runs in the family, so a potential genetic predisposition), the colonoscopy didn’t answer the question of why my overall digestive system is still so problematic after all these months – no great improvements there. Oh, and my agitited, agitating gallstones are still giving me all kinds of grief too.

Apparently my next step after all these tests and change of diet is a referral to the gastro-intestinal clinic to see what they decide is best to do to help me feel better. My GP has suggested that I may have Irritable Bowel Syndrome as well as my irritated gallstones, because my ongoing description of the pains I’ve been feeling account for both conditions, but that remains to be seen.

In the meantime I’m just bellyaching about bellyache because I’m finding it’s wearing me down, feeling uncomfortably bloated at best and curled up with sharp spasms at worst. And me and my toilet bowl are becoming far too attached to each other – a passing acquaintance with a perfunctory daily visit is quite enough; two, three or four times a day is just a tad over-excessive in my book.

Hopefully the gastro-intestinal consultant will be able to help me find some kind of workable solution for now and on into the future, because if I do have IBS too it seems the stress of pretty much constant bellyache might actually potentially be creating even more more bellyache for me… Grrr…

OK, rant over for now – aaand I’m off to the toilet again… sigh! 😦

A Post About Post

Here in the UK, our postal system livery is red – Pillar Box Red, to be exact! You post your letter in a post box, often found outside a post office, then a postman (male or female, because let’s face it postperson just sounds silly) in a van comes round at set times to empty the box and collect the post to be taken to the sorting office. After sorting all the post into individual delivery rounds, more postmen walk their rounds street by street, positioning their large lockable trolley at the end of each somewhere to keep the post secure, and delivering your post (via a heavy shoulder bag) directly through your door 🙂

Images taken in and around Leytonstone, East London 🙂