Tent Pegs and Tension

As a Girl Guide in my early and mid-teens, I loved camping in the great outdoors. Our Guide Company had access to several of those ancient huge heavy green canvas tents, both traditional rectangular ridge tents and my favourite pointy-roofed circular bell tents (like baby circus Big Tops).

When arriving at our preferred spot, usually a vast grassy field, we’d find a flat enough surface to erect our tents, and would set to work unpacking the tent-poles and canvas, hauling on guy ropes and hammering in the well-worn wooden tent pegs with solid but scarred wooden mallets.

It’s a sound that stays with me,¬†echoing through the years – a multitude of keen girl guides working together with varying degrees of competence and success, striving to hold up unwieldy canvas tents under tension accompanied by the staccato dull thwack of wood on wood as tent pegs suddenly take the strain, fun and laughter and hope resonating and rippling through the fresh Scottish air.

Daily Prompt: Mallet



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