Rivulets of Thought

I’m having one of those confusing days when I’m questioning why I’m even writing a blog, why I persevere in sharing a little piece of my very ordinary life online every now and then? Is there a proper purpose underlying my very public pondering, or is it more a vein of personal vanity running through my multiple musings month on month?

It’s as though I have all these little rivulets of thought constantly drip, drip dripping out of my head with nowhere particular to go. Some of these random thoughts coalesce with enough creativity to make it onto the page, onto the screen, and ultimately find themselves posted on my blog for posterity, while others simply evaporate into empty nothingness…

Daily Prompt: Rivulet


3 thoughts on “Rivulets of Thought

  1. I have the same thoughts, just today. I ask myself why so many times, and I am seriously trying to stop thinking about how many likes, and was the point worth it for so few likes. I am just going to write what hits my brain, and hope someone can use it. Good post.

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  2. I write my blog for myself as an outlet, this could be through words, poetry or artwork. The bonus I’ve found is a lovely community of people who share feelings or advice. I no longer use the daily word post to extend my followers because numbers don’t always mean we are successful. It’s quality not quantity 😉

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