Chalet Woods, Wanstead Park

Even though we are living in London, my husband and I are really lucky to live relatively close to a beautiful bluebell woods, so we went for a walk there yesterday to see how the bluebells are doing this year… 🙂



One Liner Wednesday: Creativity Requires Courage


‘Creativity requires courage’ – Henri Matisse

It’s all too easy to stick confidently to what we know, always playing it safe, ensuring we never risk failure by never trying anything new in the first place. It’s never easy to feel vulnerable and uncertain about how to do something new, especially as we get older and already know how to do so much in life, but it’s often oh-so-worth it to learn to be curious, be creative, be courageous all over again  ❤ 🙂

One Liner Wednesday

Finger Painted Flower in Photoshop


Since first shakily trying my hand (well, my finger actually) the other day at a rather disastrous digital drawing using the very simplistic Microsoft Paint and my laptop’s basic trackpad, I’ve been thinking about experimenting with some slightly more sophisticated software, so my husband has kindly bestowed upon me the gift of trying out his Photoshop to see how I got on, and I must admit I’ve had great fun tonight finger painting a flower using a simple brush tool, a mixer brush tool, and a smudge tool.

It’s a bit rough and ready but I’m really, really happy with the end result for my first attempt and can see me exploring Photoshop further –  I might even have to get hold of a drawing tablet and stylus to see how it feels to draw with that, too! 🙂

Daily Prompt: Bestow

Partaking in a Little Nostalgia

My husband and I are spring-cleaning today, and found an old pile of music CDs we’d long forgotten about. So we decided to partake in a little nostalgic listening as we work – a 3CD compilation titled ‘School Reunion – the 80s’ is our current choice, and it’s just absolutely perfect to spring-clean to! A total of 60 banging tracks from a decade during which I listened to a lot of music, and I’m finding I can still sing along to most of it 🙂

Daily Prompt: Partake

Tent Pegs and Tension

As a Girl Guide in my early and mid-teens, I loved camping in the great outdoors. Our Guide Company had access to several of those ancient huge heavy green canvas tents, both traditional rectangular ridge tents and my favourite pointy-roofed circular bell tents (like baby circus Big Tops).

When arriving at our preferred spot, usually a vast grassy field, we’d find a flat enough surface to erect our tents, and would set to work unpacking the tent-poles and canvas, hauling on guy ropes and hammering in the well-worn wooden tent pegs with solid but scarred wooden mallets.

It’s a sound that stays with me, echoing through the years – a multitude of keen girl guides working together with varying degrees of competence and success, striving to hold up unwieldy canvas tents under tension accompanied by the staccato dull thwack of wood on wood as tent pegs suddenly take the strain, fun and laughter and hope resonating and rippling through the fresh Scottish air.

Daily Prompt: Mallet


Stream of Consciousness Saturday: ‘Spoke’

There are some things in life we just shouldn’t say out loud. Things that might make us want inwardly to groan and roll our eyes dramatically, yet we often find it is better to fix a fake smile to our faces and remain politely tactfully quiet rather than hurt someone’s feelings for no other reason than to be hurtful.

Think about Emma Woodhouse in Jane Austen’s ‘Emma’, who during a picnic with neighbours makes deliberate fun of the good-natured but somewhat unintelligent Miss Bates. On being asked to produce ‘One thing very clever… or two things moderately clever… or three things very dull indeed’, Miss Bates states that she should have no problem meeting the last requirement. However Emma replies hurtfully that Miss Bates may indeed have a problem, and that is in limiting her reply to only three…

Emma’s cruel comment may indeed have been accurate, and may even have echoed what others in the party may have been thinking, but should nevertheless have remained unspoken. I know that we are taught as children only ever to tell the truth, but sometimes a little white lie, either spoken directly or implied indirectly through omission, can be the kindest way forward in any conversation.

When you speak harsh words in order to belittle someone else, particularly someone who is not equipped for whatever reason to answer you back, more often than not, like Emma you only end up belittling yourself…

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: ‘Spoke’