Thursday Doors: St Margaret with St Columba

Having a little wander around the residential back streets of Leytonstone I found a huge old church I didn’t even know was there. It seemed quite delapidated to begin with, so I took a few shots of the clearly long-unused side doors towards the back of the building – the rusting ironwork hinge detail was lovely.

As I walked towards the front I found what I assumed to be rather more promising entrance doors but no, they too were gated and padlocked, and had clearly been kept closed for some time.

But finally on the other side of the building I found signs of modern-day activity and the main doors to gain access to the body of the church – still old and very well used, but clean and tidy. And look how worn down the sandstone step is after generations of feet crossing the threshold!

I looked it up after I got home, and St Margaret with St Columba is a late Victorian neo-Gothic Parish Church built in 1892 – around the same time as much of Leytonstone expanded into suburbia ๐Ÿ™‚

Norm’s Thursday Doorsย 

6 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: St Margaret with St Columba

  1. Oh you’ve charmed me with these photos. You’ve got an arched door, my fave– and swirly metal hardware that I adore. Plus rusty! I’m glad you took the time to snap the pics. Cool beans.

    [Also I love your blog title and tagline. To the point. You’re a woman after my own heart.]

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