Head or Heart?

Most people would agree that some practical decisions ideally need to be made without much emotional involvement – major financial decisions for example – and yet often in life I’ve found that however much careful research and thought and planning has gone into a particular difficult decision, what looks on paper to be the best way forward for me has then proved problematic to follow through in practice.

Regardless of the logic and reason and plain common sense in some decisions, the bottom line for me is if I just don’t feel it, there’s no point in me forging ahead. I imagine most people sitting somewhere central on a continuum of reason and emotion, with some being more naturally cerebral and others being more essentially intuitive in their approach, so always weighted towards one side slightly more than the other.

It seems I’m most definitely a gut reaction girl, I feel the world around me and act accordingly, apparently unable to fully separate heart from head. So sometimes the deciding factor for me in any big important situation is not only a case of logically asking myself  ‘Can I afford it?’ but also considering the emotional consequence of my decision – ‘Can I afford not to?’… 🙂

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Cerebral

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