World Cup and Wimbledon

I’ve not been blogging much this week. I’ve dipped in and out here and there and have read a few blog posts now and again, but have basically found myself with nothing to say. It’s not just my blogging, either – I mean I’ve gone to work, and gone grocery shopping or whatever as necessary, but everything else has been seriously curtailed.

I’m just not coping well with life at the moment, so am back on antidepressants for a while until things feel a little better. Sadly this has been a common enough recurring experience for me over the years, so I know the score and am used to sitting it out for the duration – it feels dire at the time but I know the misery doesn’t last forever.

So for now I find myself hiding away at home much of the time, comforting myself with watching the World Cup and Wimbledon on TV. It’s not that I’m a great sports fan, but it’s easy enough to follow the familiar routine of spectating specific matches, and it’s a good excuse to explain my lack of participation in anything else.

Hopefully my medication will help stabilise my mood sooner rather than later, but in the meantime I’ll do my best to stick around one way or another until I feel more on an even keel again. Sending lots of blog love to you all, see you around… 🙂

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Curtail 



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