Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Stuff I Notice

I’ve not been anywhere with my proper camera lately, but as I always have my phone with me I often take spontaneously improptu images of basic stuff I notice while out and about, just going about my everyday regular boring life.

I generally end up with an odd photographic collection of random bits and pieces that don’t necessarily relate to anything important at all and have no real purpose, but that for some reason or other I like too much to delete.

Sometimes I think they might prove handy for a future blog challenge or something, but most times I forget so they just sit there on my phone memory card until I download them onto my laptop (once my phone gets too full) where they just sit forever.

So to go with my stream of consciousness written post this week, here is an alternative selection of stream of consciousness photography from my phone – no narrative to link them, no common element other than whatever was inside my head when I took them 🙂

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