‘Me the President…’

We were watching Fareed Zakaria’s GPS programme on CNN the other day – yes I know I’m a Brit living in London, but my husband is American so we tend to follow the sycophantic soap-opera shenannigans of current US politics with a fair amount of shock and awe at the bucket-load of bullshit served up day after day.

Anyway, apparently it was the tenth anniversary of Fareed’s programme and he was interviewing both Madeleine Albright and Colin Powell together as special guests. Oh, the absolute relief to hear sensible views from both, respectful and collegial regardless of their different political persuasion, it felt like a breath of fresh air!

Both ex-Secretaries of State spoke frankly of the current situation, and in particular Colin Powell said three things that have really stayed with me. I’m paraphrasing of course but he spoke of Trump’s perpetually adversarial attitude to everything and everybody when most often diplomacy is what is required, both at home and abroad.

He stated that the art of getting along with others who hold opposing views and bringing people together means you focus on your similarities and start building from there, not highlight and exaggerate differences in an attempt to be deliberately divisive, again both at home and abroad.

And he also said he believed the most important three words in the American Constitution are ‘We the people…’ but sadly today’s incumbent of the White House only thinks of ‘Me the President…’ Wow… Just wow… doesn’t that just hit the nail on the head…

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