My Yoga Journey: Patience and Productivity

In general I don’t consider myself to be the most patient of people – I try stuff, and if I can’t do it well enough for my liking or see any productive progress within a relatively short space of time I tend to give up. I suppose looking back I grew up in a world where it was always solid results that were rewarded, not ineffectual effort. Life felt measured by a binary opposition of pass or fail – effort that led to results was considered a profitable means to an end; effort that led nowhere was considered a waste of time.

I’ve kind of internalised that productive vs unproductive equation somewhere down the line and sometimes it simply gets in the way of life. I mean, that’s exactly how I feel about yoga (amongst other things) – I try, I don’t see any immediate results, so I all too quickly lose heart and feel like I’m just wasting my time. But I’m beginning to appreciate that this one-size-fits-all approach to all difficult challenges in life is decidedly counter-productive, so I definitely need to start to change the way I think about effort before I can try to find the satisfaction I’m looking for…


3 thoughts on “My Yoga Journey: Patience and Productivity

  1. That is so true of me too. When I first painted that fish in oil paints my mother laughed. I was so near to stopping painting all together because I thought I would never be able to paint, but due to people on WordPress I kept trying and trying and eventually I started believing in myself. I can’t lie I still have self doubt but that comes from having low self esteem 😬 which I am still trying to overcome.

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