My Yoga Journey: Perspective and Priorities

I’ve read so many times that ‘yoga is a journey not a destination’, but I must admit I’ve never truly got it before, not in my deepest core of being. It’s almost the reverse of everything I learned in my younger years – the primary goal is not necessarily to achieve the perfect pose at all costs, but simply to keep trying to improve on where you are, little by little, wherever that is on any arbitrary scale.

It appears to me now that the active movement in real time is almost the end in itself, while the static measurement of the result of that movement (however satisfying that temporary little victory of the final pose may be – not that I have yet experienced that thrill), only the by-product of the practice. Overall it’s the ongoing effort that counts; the keeping on keeping on is what matters most regardless. Yet I can see that’s the point at which historically I give up…

I can see how in the past I’ve always set my intended yoga goals as reaching the perfect pose, and have measured my success (or in my case, mostly failure) against achieving (or not) that specific defined goal. I thought I had to achieve this pose or that pose in its entirety, reach over this far or bend backwards that way, all or nothing, win or lose. So I’m beginning to understand how completely I need to re-calibrate my priorities – accept that a successful yoga practice is one where you just do yoga, whether you do it well or badly, and the only real failure comes from not doing it at all… 🙂


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