My Yoga Journey: Persistence

For the last nine days in a row I’ve actually succeeded in practising a little bit of yoga every day – woo-hoo!

I’d decided that ten minutes of yoga a day would be my minimum goal to begin with. Trying to do too much, too soon and ultimately giving up rather than risk feeling like a failure is one of my bad habits in life, so I wanted initially to set the bar at a realistic level for me at the moment and will raise it incrementally as my slow but steady improvement warrants it.

Ten minutes a day might not sound much but even so I do feel the stretch on stiff joints and flabby muscles and my persistence is starting to pay off already. The difference in how far I can bend and reach and hold every day is noticeable enough to keep me keeping on, so much so that on some days I’ve done fifteen minutes, and yesterday it was a full twenty minutes of practice.

My plan is just to carry on as I am in building the habit of daily yoga practice into my everyday life, based on the premise that doing something, anything, for however short a time on a regular basis is always far better than doing nothing at all. And hopefully soon enough my motivation to continue will come solidly from enjoying past results already achieved rather than relying on will-power and shaky future expectation… 🙂


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