A Weight Off My Mind

If only I knew that everything would turn out alright for us in the end, I wouldn’t mind so much the interminable wait for the slow drip-drip of potential resolutions to salve and soothe the worst of the multiple irritants that seem to plague our life just now. Things had been progressing for us, slowly but surely, but sadly over the last few months everything seems to have ground almost to a shuddering halt.

We’re tired, strung out, stressed and struggling through it all as best we can. It would truly be such a weight off my mind to know for sure that this nightmarish feeling of wading through thick treacle, stiff and sticky and sucking me down, would eventually pass and all would be well in our world once more… But in the meantime, waiting hopefully for our long-wished for happy-ever-after dream is all I have for now…

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Weight


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