Please Don’t Google That For Me…

Please don’t Google that for me…

If on any particular occasion I can’t remember something trivial, and it’s something I know I used to know but just can’t remember it for now, please don’t rush to ‘helpfully’ Google it to find the answer for me. Honestly if I’d wanted to just Google it, I’d have picked up my phone (or laptop) and done it for myself – that’s not the purpose of me posing the question…

Say, for example, we’re watching a movie and I say ‘Oh, I recognise that guy, he played the murderer’s side-kick in (whatever the show is) a few years ago – what was his name?’ I expect us to have a puzzled discussion, an animated conversation about it, and between us make suggestions and play with the idea and (hopefully!) reach a satisfactory conclusion for ourselves, however long it takes.

If it’s someone whose name I used to know, I’ll no doubt get there in the end – or if not, maybe you will – even if it is two hours later and we’re now watching something else, entirely unrelated. Because what I want to do is use my brain, jog my sluggish memory, try to remember it for myself. Technology is great in its place but I also have a lot of data stored in my own memory banks, thank you very much, and I worry that if I don’t use it, I’ll lose it.

So humour me, let me try to work it out for myself first… I’ve worked hard to file and retain certain information in my brain over the years and sometimes it’s been in there so long I have to dig a little deeper to find it. So please don’t automatically fall over yourself to Google it for me… please don’t spoil my middle-aged fun, thank you very much… 🙂

One-Liner Wednesday

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