Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Mean

I don’t mean to be so erratic with my blog posting. I always start out intending to post regularly, but somewhere along the line life gets in the way and sometimes my motivation drops, or I find myself with nothing to say or even worse – so much to say I’m rendered speechless and don’t even know where to begin!

Especially after a week like this week – USA mid-term elections and yet another mass shooting (California this time) and here in the UK we’re another step closer to our Government still NOT sorting out the Brex-shit situation. I feel mean and small and bitter that all I seem to do is moan and complain but it all feels so negative, negative, negative…

What does it all mean? The world feels a really scary place right now, I don’t trust the Trump administration’s twisting of the truth and deliberate loading of a dictatorship-style dice in their favour. And I don’t trust Theresa May anti-democratically riding rough-shod over parliamentary process in trying to force a dodgy deal through at all costs.

There are mean streets out there these days for all of us on both sides of the ocean, and it’s just so hard to feel poltically safe anywhere any more. There’s far too much hate and far too little love and way too much ‘othering’ of anyone not fitting a particular narrow elite view of what being ‘American’ or ‘British’ means.

OK, sending peace and love to everybody (admittedly it may be given to some more grudgingly than to others) because we all need to focus on what it means to be a part of humanity, looking for whatever shared hopes and desires make us similar instead of highlighting whatever hateful differences are perceived and believed as threatening…

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Mean 


8 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Mean

      1. I agree 100% with what you are saying, I was only saying to my mum yesterday that a lot of children brought up today are not taught to respect others. Thank goodness our children are teaching our grandchildren the importance of respecting others. I went for a chest X-ray the other day and all the seats where you wait to go into the X-ray room were taken. Not by the patients but by the people who had come with them. Once I had a seat and someone else came, I was the first to offer my seat! That’s how I was brought up to respect my elders. 🌹

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  1. Two days after the election, when the Democrats secured the House and my State of Wisconsin went “blue,” I still saw awful posts on Facebook. One had the eyes of Barack Obama with the poster stating he was “interfering” with the President and the commenters saying how “evil” he is…I mean, look at those devilish eyes! It was all I could do to sit on my hands and not say something, but I’ve been trying hard to ignore this kind of hateful deflecting. In the U.S., we have a long road ahead of us to 1) fix our political system and voting process, 2) get rid of Trump’s/Republican ideals that are hateful and hurtful, and 3) end divisiveness. It’s a very long road indeed…

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    1. And like the fateful Titanic, America’s a big ship to turn… to me it still feels a bit like icebergs dead ahead, even with the Democrats (thankfully) now holding the House of Representatives… sinking into the abyss is still a possibility until Trump and his hateful rhetoric is gone 😦


  2. I think a lot of us are feeling freaked out right now. My kids went on a youth trip this weekend — like 5,000 kids gather a couple of hours from here and have these faith/rock sessions in a stadium and I swear I’ve had to talk myself down off the ledge several times because the shootings lately are CRAZY.
    Sending good thoughts your way along with a hope that things settle down some for both of us.

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