Weekly Smile: Colouring In

What made me smile this week was finding my colouring books (while looking for something else, of course) and having a look through to see what I’ve done and not done. My A4 books have several different styles and sizes of colouring in projects, some small and intricate and contained and others broader and bolder and taking up the whole page, so I tend to pick and choose accordingly depending on my mood. Some get finished straight away, and some don’t. Some I come back to eventually, and some I just leave as they are…

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And then what made me smile even more was starting to colour in a new page of shapes yesterday – what fun!


Trent’s Weekly Smile

12 thoughts on “Weekly Smile: Colouring In

  1. Very cool. I haven’t tried adult coloring books. I do sometimes draw and then color in, though usually I ‘colorize’ my drawings by hand in Photoshop. I’m sure starting a new one was a big smile πŸ™‚

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    1. I loved colouring in as a child, so I still use ordinary traditional coloured pencils the way I used to – I find the whole process very comforting, it helps calm me down when I’m feeling stressed πŸ™‚

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