Weekly Smile: She’s Here!

This week’s huge smile comes courtesy of my newest granddaughter Lily, born this morning by c-section, six weeks early and weighing in at just over four pounds.

It seems she’s going to be monitored in the Special Care Baby Unit for the next wee while, and understandably my daughter is tired and sore but thankfully her worryingly erratic blood sugar levels have quickly returned to normal since her own beautiful daughter’s speedy but premature delivery.

We’ve all had a worrying few weeks medically, but thankfully all is now well with both of them πŸ™‚

Welcome to the world, little one! X


15 thoughts on “Weekly Smile: She’s Here!

  1. Congratulations Ruth! Whoever said that once children were grown we stopped caring was so wrong, I think I worry more about my children now they are parents themselves. My daughter is currently 37 weeks pregnant and I worry more than ever!
    Welcome to the world Lilly!

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    1. Thank you Kim! I hope all goes well with your daughter and grandchild in the next few weeks – our little one wasn’t due until the new year so she’s a lot earlier and smaller than originally expected – but she’s here now, and that’s what matters most πŸ™‚ x


      1. And the medical knowledge these days is so much better than its ever been, so she’s in the safest place. Sending lots of prayers for Lily (I accidentally put double L is my earlier post, we have a Lilly is our family as well, with the double L lol actually I just relised we have two one spelt each way!)

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