Fandango’s Provocative Question: Struggling

This week’s provocative question from Fandango asks ‘What are you struggling with the most right now?’ and my immediate flippant answer is ‘Getting my head around this new post editor in WordPress’…

But seriously, things I’m having difficulty with right now include:

Having sliced quite deeply across the tip my right pinkie finger at work last weekend, I’ve had steri-strips and a padded sterile dressing in place all week, which is due to be checked and replaced at my GP surgery tomorrow morning. I mean, quite apart from the pain of the cut itself – and it hurts like hell – I also have to try to keep my finger dry and out of the way of getting hit or squashed, but still try to live my life as normally as possible…

Cutting down on my anti-depressants – I had my daily dose upped a few months ago, but have made the decision to start to cut that down again, with the aim of coming off them completely at some time over the summer…

Dealing with so much negative and stupendously stupid political decisions being made both here in the UK and across the ocean in the US – if anyone tried to use either the current Brexshit shenannigans or the Border Wall/ Government shutdown fiasco as an imaginary subject for a fictional drama they would be laughed out of the building… we have a dark destructive duo of simultaneous black comedies screwing us over, over and over again like some disastrous Groundhog Day nightmare, with no sign of anyone waking up any time soon… 😦


9 thoughts on “Fandango’s Provocative Question: Struggling

  1. Sorry about your pinky, it’s amazing how painful a cut can be. 😩 I am sick of hearing about brexit and honestly I doubt I will ever vote again for any party. They have all shown there true colours during this major cock up. I fear for the world I really do it is really going down the pan!

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  2. My wife sliced open her hand a few Thanksgivings ago and it got infected and she ultimately had to have hand surgery. Hopefully your slice will fare better. No comment on your meds, but, sadly, your assessment of our political nightmares on both sides of the Atlantic is darkly accurate. What a shame for both countries.

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    1. I’ve already got several scars on my fingers from over the years – so no doubt this will be another one to add to my collection of stories when people ask – oh, how did you do that? πŸ™‚

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  3. Unfortunately although the UK and the US are having the worst of it, stupid political shit is happening all over the world these days… A cut on the pinky sounds so minor, yet I know it can be awful! Hope it is better soon so you can get back to normal without thinking about it.

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    1. I sliced a meaty curved flap on the fleshy pad on the tip almost off, so they’re trying to make sure it fixes back down in place with a decent blood supply rather than having an effectively open wound with a dead bit of skin on top. Fingers crossed it all looks good tomorrow! πŸ™‚

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