The Art of Patience

If we were sitting having coffee right now, I’d be animated and excited at the prospect of starting a new adventure in art…

Every now and again things in life conspire to bring you towards one particular creative decision in one place and time – like some kind of magical ‘hint, hint’ that screams at you from the rooftops… Today the combination of several different blog prompts on top of a regular post written by someone else have brought me to the realisation that it might be a good idea for me to start an art journal of some sort.

Instrumental in my decision was a blog post by Elizabeth at Tea & Paper, but much as I love what she’s doing with her art journal I worry that I simply don’t have the patience to commit to an all-bells-and-whistles big-time project with several layers of first water-colour-washing pages then sticking on collage stuff and all sorts afterwards. The kind of engrossing multi-faceted project that you leave out long-term while you complete it – fun, but not really what I need right now, particularly as our current living arrangements don’t allow for that level of otherwise unused space.

The thing is, I love the art of simple colouring-in, and have several adult-designed colouring books I dip in and out of whenever the mood takes me, and occasionally I have thought fleetingly about maybe drawing out my own outlines for colouring in but to date have done nothing about it. For some reason I just love the versatility and mobility of plain old-fashined traditional coloured pencils; no mess, no fuss, minimal space required, and instant gratification guaranteed in no time at all (nothing to tax my lack of patience too much).

So I think I might choose a small book to begin my experimental art journal, and intentionally start with simple ideas. I already have a really small Moleskine notebook given to me as a gift long ago, but sadly never used – I was never sure what to use it for, and its pristine pages lie as yet unmarked? I could stick to creating my own doodle-style outlines to colour in with my favourite coloured pencils – or perhaps use different coloured ball-point pens, or maybe even multi-coloured Sharpies? Just whatever takes my fancy at the time, unplanned – not quite a stream of consciousness creation but a time-limited tiny confection of colour, created just for me.

I have such a long history of starting relatively ambitious creative projects from time to time and inevitably giving up way too soon, which upsets me because I really don’t want to be like that but I do seem to have an issue with aiming for perfection, and knowing I won’t ever be able to reach it I somehow lose heart and give up. So hopefully by starting small and keeping things simple, I’ll manage to maintain some level of continuity for long enough for the habit (and the mindful pleasure it brings) to grow on me.

I read somewhere online that with an art journal, there are no rules – and for me, that’s the real challenge on offer. No right way or wrong way to do it, just your way, whatever that turns out to be… and as I find myself sitting here with a huge smile on my face as my untouched coffee grows cold, I take that as a sure sign that this little germ of an idea is indeed the best way for me to move forward in my latest attempt at an adventure in art πŸ™‚

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19 thoughts on “The Art of Patience

    1. I realise that even in my most creative moments, I tend to look for the boundaries and usually work within the given parameters – no rules at all feels too much somehow? But I’m sure I’ll get there in the end… πŸ™‚

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      1. You can create your own rules and boundaries. What themes do you want to use? You may not know right away, but eventually that will be a boundary. Media? You said color pencils. Is that a hard boundary or are you willing to stretch?

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      2. Coloured pencils for now are simply my comfortable go-to starter – so not a hard line as such, just my ‘in’ to trying something different (as in beginning an art journal) that may potentially lead me on to something more complex in the future… and as for themes, I’ve already decided where to start with that – but that little germ of an idea may just become next week’s smile post! πŸ™‚

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  1. I resonate so with this message. As far as the unused moleskin, I realized as I read your words, I have at least two that apparently I’ve been saving for the time the perfect words might emerge! So here’s to honoring self-worth, self-love, and the creative spirit. I’m going to join you on this! Just now tucked one of them into my purse, for those times when inspiration hits me (when I’m safely parked!)

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    1. Yay! Here’s to a greater understanding that imperfection is always good enough, that it’s always better to try and risk failure rather than simply fail by never trying in the first place… πŸ™‚


  2. How exciting, my sister bought me a five year journal for Christmas and I’m enjoying writing my thoughts and feelings in it every night. Never thought about an art journal. Looking forward to what you create 😊

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    1. I’ve been writing a personal journal (well, a whole series of journals) since my teens, so I’m well versed in putting my thoughts down on paper via the written word – but the idea of creating visual images of my thoughts as well really appeals to me! πŸ™‚

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      1. Had a check up at the docs yesterday so it’s healing slowly but surely – although the open wound has pretty much now closed over it’s still really fragile so needs to be kept clean and dry and covered over for now, and it still hurts like hell… And yes, thinking about it, that’s exactly what you do with your paintings! πŸ™‚

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  3. I think you will enjoy this journey. If you like rules make one simple one yourself. I was given a mindfulness journal this year with flowers round all the pages. I am using it to write about the walks I do and what I notice, and I find the colouring really calming.

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  4. I wish you well with your painting. I truely wish I had artistic talent, but that particular creative aspect has escaped me. I am creative in many ways, just not drawing! I used to enjoy colouring in, quite therapeutic. Thank you for linking this post to Weekly Prompts Ruth. πŸ™‚

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  5. I found a group of women led by a local artists that have been art journaling for quite a long time, they meet once a month, the instructor gives them a starting point and off they go. I’ve been to two of the sessions. Fun, not my sort of art by any means, but it gets completed (or could be worked on more later I suppose) each night. Plus the company is fun. I also read in a blog about Zentangle, the growing (I guess) art of doing small doodles. There’s apparently certified instructors for it. Looks interesting too.

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