We’ve had such a lot of politics on TV in our house lately – news channel, parliamentary channel, documentaries – so today I decided enough was enough. No politics today, I told my husband – let’s give the poor TV a rest from being shouted at. So we’re watching club rugby instead. Edinburgh is playing Munster at Murrayfield, Munster are winning and my husband is yet again shouting scornfully at the poor TV… D’oh! 🙂

Stream of Consciousness Saturday

Fandango’s One Word Challenge

WTF Rules…

I couldn’t help but smile this morning when listening to the BBC News outside broadcast programme from outside the Houses of Parliament in Westminster – Victoria Derbyshire was reading out an email sent in by a member of the public on the Brexit question and she mis-spoke the sentence

‘The majority of the public support WTF rules… WTO rules, I’m sorry!’

Personally I think she probably got it right first time! 🙂

The Ultimate Jane Austen Placard

Fifty-two percent Pride and Prejudice, forty-eight percent Sense and Sensibility – the ultimate Jane Austen placard’… ‘They need a bit of Persuasion, though’

An excellent exchange between Andrew Marr and Emily Maitlis on last Sunday’s Andrew Marr Show while reviewing the papers – the discussion was about placards seen at Saturday’s People’s Vote March (regarding the current Parliamentary Brexit deadlock) that took place in London. Andrew was commenting on the witty wording on one particular placard, and quick as a flash, Emily provided the clever quip at the end… 🙂

One-Liner Wednesday


I loved the strong red and white in this stop sign against the blue and white of the sky I walked past this afternoon – it asked so nicely it was only polite to stop and take its picture 🙂

Paltry Pickings

There have been somewhat paltry pickings from me blog-wise lately – many apologies for my lack of input.

Lots of stuff seems to be going on in life that stops me from seeing the best in the world right now, so apart from the odd outburst in a frustrated political rant or two (but considering that our current political situation would probably test the patience of a saint, I feel reasonably vindicated on that front) I’m feeling a bit quiet and withdrawn… not particularly chatty at all.

I’m still planning taking part in the April A-Z Challenge next month though, so with daily posting for that I’ll no doubt make up for it then 🙂

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Paltry