By My Reckoning…

I had the apparently brilliant idea the other day to sign up for completing online surveys for different services and products – I mean, it sounds like fun, just giving my opinions on things. I’m a person, I live a life, so why not use my experience for something useful, and it might mean I earn a bit of pin-money too. So on a whim I signed up to a couple of different companies, and decided to give it a go…

But I’ve discovered it’s not actually as easy as it sounds, completing online surveys. Before you complete each survey, the company ask several questions – a kind of pre-survey survey – to see if you are a suitable candidate for the particulr topic or subject or product. So far, my answers have deemed me unsuitable for many surveys, because it appears my quiet, unassuming, limited lifestyle simply doesn’t seem to fit in with the capitalist, consumerist world I live in.

For example, I don’t currently own a car and have no intention of owning one again any time soon. I don’t go on beach holidays or on safari or cruises or even stay in hotels much, and have no desire to. I don’t regularly go out to restaurants or theatres or cinemas (ditto). I don’t buy loads of new clothes or shoes or accessories, and don’t have young children at home any more. I have a degree but don’t have a professional career (I work part time in a pub by choice!) I don’t want to change my energy provider or tweak my home insurance or blah, blah, blah, blah… You get the picture.

And the thing is I’m not in the least bit interested in having access to any of that stuff, either – in fact I’ve spent a lot of time and effort deliberately reducing as far as possible my ongoing interaction with the brain-washing mindlessness of capitalist consumerism. So why the hell I ever thought it would be fun to join in with something that actively promotes profligate spending is competely beyond me…

By my reckoning, my email traffic has increased about a hundred-fold in two days – my in-box is already full to bursting, and all I can think of to do now is deregister myself and unsubscribe from everything as quickly as possible to get my quiet introverted life back to normal. All I can say in my defense is at least I tried, however inappropriate it may have been for my personality and lifestyle… I guess I still live and learn! 🙂

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Reckoning


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