Gel Pens and Colouring-In

During my latest trip home to Scotland my mum gave me a set of gel pens to colour in with – not only were they something I’ve never thought of using before but they were also a mix of metallic, neon and glitter pens… bright and garish and really not my usual cup of tea. But to my absolute surprise, I’m really enjoying using them!

Here’s a selection of my fledgling efforts – what fun! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Gel Pens and Colouring-In

    1. It’s honestly never occured to me to try them before, but being given some for free gave me the perfect opportunity to give them a go – I’ve found I love the vibrancy of the colours and the handling of the pens so might just carry on using them! PS I had Spirograph too! 🙂

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