Paltry Pickings

There have been somewhat paltry pickings from me blog-wise lately – many apologies for my lack of input.

Lots of stuff seems to be going on in life that stops me from seeing the best in the world right now, so apart from the odd outburst in a frustrated political rant or two (but considering that our current political situation would probably test the patience of a saint, I feel reasonably vindicated on that front) I’m feeling a bit quiet and withdrawn… not particularly chatty at all.

I’m still planning taking part in the April A-Z Challenge next month though, so with daily posting for that I’ll no doubt make up for it then 🙂

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Paltry


2 thoughts on “Paltry Pickings

    1. As I live in London anyway I thought about marching myself, but to be honest I’m just no use in big crowds (I seriously freak out surrounded by too many people) and so decided against it… and when I saw on TV how huge the crowd was, I was so glad I didn’t go – but I certainly supported them in spirit if not in body 🙂

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