A is for Abstract

A is for Abstract

Much of the colouring in I do tends to be of abstract images – simple artistic representations of things rather than anything based on reality. I like the freedom that brings when choosing colours and styles – there’s no right or wrong way to colour in, no set format, just fun… πŸ™‚

For this year’s Blogging from A-Z Challenge I’m sharing my love of colouring in, posting one image a day to go with whatever word I’ve chosen to fit that day’s letter. Thank you for having a look! πŸ™‚


29 thoughts on “A is for Abstract

  1. When the coloring craze hit the US I got hooked. I bought several books and lots of colored pencils. I did a few pages in one book and really liked it. But it competes for with other hobbies I am doing – just not enough time. I am hoping I get back to it by following your blog posts.

    Nice job.

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  2. Great job, it’s beautiful! All of my coloring projects are out of one book right now, an adult coloring book called Tropical World-A Coloring Book Of Adventure-by Millie Marotta. It’s a big book, I have enough to keep me busy for a while. Do you color at night while watching TV or some other time?

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  3. Hi Ruth,
    What attracted you to colouring-in? Do you draw or paint as well? I had a go and enjoyed it but what with writing, violin and photography, I don’t have much spare time. I am interested in trying to make papier mache people where you use a wire frame and cover it in paper strips. I saw a good how-to video and almost had the confidence to give it a go. School holidays start next week and I might try and have a go with my daughter. She’s 13 and pretty good with arts and crafts. I lack the confidence to get started, all because I might make a simple mistake. Where’s my pluck gone? This is fueling my courage.
    Hope you’re enjoying the challenge and thanks for popping by.
    Best wishes,

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    1. Hi Rowena, I loved colouring in as a child myself, loved colouring in with my own children, and now love colouring in with my grandchildren – so it wasn’t such a big leap to buy some grown up colouring books and keep going!

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      1. I wasn’t very good at colouring i as a child and staying in between the lines, which seems to be a reflection of me as a person. I think I gave the book I was walking on to my daughter or she acquired it. It had motivational quotes in it and the colouring wasn’t too detailed. The more detailed ones make me feel like going over mulktiple lines.

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      2. I like that idea. I would also like to try and find my colouring book. I was quite fond of it but in that typical way of parents, when I saw my daughter liked it, I let her have it.
        Best wishes,

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  4. I love this kind of coloring. I like not to have to worry about realism. Maybe when I finish the dragon coloring book I will look for a more abstract one like this. Beautiful colors. It makes me happy!

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