Weekly Smile: Retro Mother’s Day Card

Retro Mother’s Day card

I learned to read in the late 1960s with the iconic Ladybird books, always set out in the same format of text (written in varying levels of difficulty depending on age and reading ability) on the left hand page and an artist’s illustration on the right. Some of our original reading books are still at my mum’s, so my kids also grew up clearly recognising Ladybird books.

I’ve recently acquired a few tongue-in-cheek adult versions too, probably created specifically for my age group – The Ladybird Book of the Shed, The Ladybird Book of Dating, The Ladybird Book of the Hangover, and How it Works: The Grandparent. The format is exactly the same, various original illustrations have been used, and the wording is in the same idiosyncratic 1960s tone but nevertheless discussing the new adult topic.

Anyway, when my 36-year old son Simon thoughtfully sent me this very retro-style personalised card for Mother’s Day last Sunday in the same style as the books, I simply couldn’t stop smiling… and I pointed out to him he was not only a special edition but my First Edition too! 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Weekly Smile: Retro Mother’s Day Card

  1. Great card. I don’t think we had them on this side of the pond. For my first couple of years of formal reading, we still used the 1940 vintage Dick and Jane readers. “See Spot run. Run Spot, run.” The adult version of those Lady Bird books look like they should be funny in a dry sort of way.

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    1. Yes, I think to really appreciate the true humour of the adult versions you have to have been immersed in the originals – they were a bit sexist, a bit ageist, completely stereotypical of the time and more than a little judgemental by today’s standards. And as I actually recognise some of the original illustrations from childhood it makes it all the more funny for me 🙂

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