A-Z Challenge 2019: Reflections

I honestly had such fun completing this year’s April Blogging from A-Z Challenge, and I think for me it was partly to do with my chosen theme – colouring my way through the alphabet.

I really love colouring in, and often post regularly, so the challenge for me was more in choosing creatively which particular designs could go with each letter, rather than the concern about posting something every day. And the beauty of posting images is that they can almost stand alone so you don’t need to worry too much about having to find too many words if you’re in a rush and stuck for something to say.

Also, although I posted each day’s letter in real time, many of the designs included had been coloured in beforehand, but some were completed just in the nick of time! I successfully finished the whole month on schedule too – woo-hoo!

I found other bloggers completing the challenge through the master list (where my blog was also registered), and did my best to check out as many as I could but to be honest I really struggle with commenting, even on those blogs I follow regularly all year round. I’m simply not extrovert enough to feel 100% comfortable just ‘talking’ to strangers out of the blue. So as the month progressed, although I continued to post on my own blog I found I visited fewer and fewer blogs towards the end of the challenge and commented less and less.

I’ll definitely be taking part again next year, though, and will continue to join in as best as I can with whatever format or means of contacting others is used by the team – I might not be your most prolific joiner-in, but I do appreciate all the effort that is put in to setting up this challnge year on year – thank you! 🙂


6 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge 2019: Reflections

  1. Thanks for sharing Ruth. I like you struggle with commenting even on blogs that I read regularly. I often have no idea what to say, even if I really like the particular post.

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  2. I tend to just babble in comments and people probably wish I didn’t bother haha. I used to find it really hard too and I’d be thinking like “why would they want to hear from me?” and then I realised that I love hearing from my readers and other bloggers do too so I just go for it.
    I loved your colouring theme!

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    1. Thanks Debbie – I love hearing from my readers too, so maybe I need to keep that more in mind when reading others’ posts, it might help me cross that barrier 🙂


  3. Sorry I didn’t comment a lot, because I guess just saying “pretty coloring!” was not the comment you were waiting for… the same old problem, and I’m glad I’m not the only one ;))

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