Weekly Word Prompt: Snippet

Working in a pub, and often being the one to deliver plates of food to the tables, I regularly hear the weirdest snippets of conversation between customers, who often continue with whatever they’re saying regardless of my presence. One of the funniest that comes to mind was two young women sitting in the beer garden discussing the obnoxious behaviour of a young man from the night before who had been trying (unsuccessfully it seems) to impress one of them – [Girl 1] ‘He was such a dick, he kept going on an on about all the fancy expensive stuff he’s got – I mean it’s not like his dad’s a sultan or something?’… [Girl 2] ‘Um… I think his dad is a sultan actually’… [Girl 1] ‘Oh, is he…? Well, he’s still a dick anyway!’ 🙂

Weekly Word Prompt: Snippet

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