Incase any of you hadn’t noticed, Britain is currently in a bit of a mess over Brexit. And just so you know in advance of reading this post, I don’t have a Tory bone in my body and have never voted Conservative in my life.

So suffice to say I’m not a natural supporter of Theresa May, and to be blunt, I think she’s made a bit of a hash of things all the way down the line. She’s basically tried to negotiate what amounts to a private deal (within Cabinet, entirely outside of Parliament) one hundred percent along party lines, maintaining a strict political division when the whole question of Brexit has never been neatly divided strictly down party lines. And having had the initial early General Election? Big mistake… huge error of judgement there…

I do feel it was a bad call on her part not to prioritise being inclusive and starting to try to heal the huge post-referendum rent in the country right from the start. A serious split pretty much straight down the middle of the population meant they needed careful bringing back together, not cack-handedly left to their own devices in growing discontent and disillusionment. But honestly, to be fair Theresa May definitely inherited a poisoned chalice in having to sort out such a major political issue not initially of her own making.

The person I blame fairly and squarely for this current political civil war is our previous Prime Minister David Cameron, who has pretty much disappeared off the face of the earth politically since stepping down and out of the parliamentary arena. He originally called that damned referendum as a gambling play to bring his recalcitrant back-benchers into line, then when the country actually called his bluff and voted out, he turned tail and ran.

There was never a proper political plan previously in place for leaving the EU, because there was never any intention in David Cameron’s mind of Britain choosing to leave, so in that sense whoever had the misfortune to take over from him didn’t ever really have a hope in hell of doing well with their Prime-Ministership. In this particular case, to my mind failure was always the only option.

So however much I deplore her defective decision-making and insular negotiating stance, I can’t help but accept that in many ways, Theresa May has been a bit of a scapegoat in all of this mess. Granted she’s not necessarily handled it well from the start, but it’s a situation that in my mind should never have been needing to be handled in the first place. Not in the way it initially came about, anyway.

If there was to be a genuine choice put to the people of leaving the EU or remaining then ALL political options and consequences should have been properly discussed openly and candidly BEFORE the vote went anywhere near the public. Realistically set out on spreadsheets and flow charts in advance, not reliant on the emotionally-charged, diametrically opposed sensationalist spin of unkeepable pie-in-the-sky promises versus project fear doom-mongering, but laid out logically with proper factual planning and belt-and-braces preparation.

Anyway, as to date we are still currently a full member of the EU, today here in the UK we are all voting for our next tranche of MEPs (Members of the European Parliament) even if they never actually need to take up their posts – these elections were arranged at very short notice but I must admit we’ve had plenty of leaflets through the door from pretty much everyone except the Tories, so no lack of information issues there. (Even if in our household the UKIP leaftlet went straight in the bin!)

A selection of leaflets arrived through our door…

By the way our polling station here in Leytonstone is in our local library, and I really liked the way the coloured lights caught my eye as they gave a soft sheen to the polished stonework at the entrance. Personally our votes have now been cast, so no doubt we’ll start to see tomorrow what the overall results are like across the country. Although at this rate, with the upheaval in Parliament it seems it’s all effectively going to turn into a practice run for a General Election soon enough… What a bloody mess! 😦

Our local polling station entrance…

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Scapegoat


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