14 thoughts on “Borough Market: Fresh Fruit & Veg

  1. I like the different heritage veggies – grocery stores seem to think there are only one or two types over every vegetable (and only three types of veggies) and they are owned by Monsanto…

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    1. To be honest we usually have a pretty good variety of all kinds of produce over here, and an impressive range of chemical-free organic stuff too… not sure how all of that will change (if at all) after Brexit though…

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      1. It’s a little better here than it used to be, ans there are now choices that there didn’t used to be, but it means going miles out of your way (the nearest Whole Foods is 15 miles away) and very expensive (Whole Foods is called “Whole Paycheck”). Also CSAs are a big thing in my town – we invented CSAs in Wilton.

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