Take Your Pick!

So far we have had at least ten Tories throw their hat into the ring for potential new Leader of the Conservative and Unionist party – and if further potential candidates follow suit as suggested in the news tonight, there could be a good dozen or more vying for the spotlight! A cast of confident, ambitious politicians all warming up, practicing their lines ahead of auditioning to be Prime Minister in the midst of this theatrical drama of a Brexistential crisis…

And of course there in the background biding his time lurks Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn, deluded enough to think that if, regardless of a promising new actor in the lead role, the Tory Government collapses in a critical no-confidence General Election and is forced to exit dramatically stage right, he’ll be waiting in the wings ready to enter stage left into the limelight to become the star performer instead of the underdog understudy…

Er… no, Jeremy, in your dreams… Sadly, when it comes to taking part in the Brexit plot-line you’ve done far too little far too late – in this ‘oh-yes-he-is, oh-no-he-isn’t’ pantomime political farce of your fervent fence-sitting, carrying on with your non-descript ‘noises off’ is the best bit-part you’ll get… So, who will it be, our next Prime Minister? Plenty to choose from, and none of them get my vote, so take your pick… 🙂

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Pick

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