One Liner Wednesday: Shit, it’s Hot!

Shit, it’s hot!

OK, so for all you people out there who live in everyday hot countries, it may not be hot by your standards, but remember that here in the UK we live in a naturally temperate climate in homes designed and built for keeping people snug and warm, not airy and cool.

And as most of us don’t have air conditioning as standard, when I tell you it’s well over 30-something degrees celsius outside I mean we are all also living inside in that sweltering, suffocating, humid heat, not sitting smug in a cool air-conditioned environment watching the heat and sun out of the well-shaded window.

Or, worse than being hot stuck at home, if you’re really unlucky you have no option but to commute to work all suited and booted in a sardine-packed moving metal cylinder travelling deep underground with NO air-con, surrounded by a whole host of other hot sweaty and grumpy commuters in the stagnant, stifling heat, many of who have no concept of personal hygiene.

We had some spectacular thunderstorms overnight last night, but disappointingly it’s still ridiculously hot today. And tomorrow is potentially record-breaking – if we do hit the predicted 37 degrees celcius (98-point-something farenheit) then apparently that will be the hottest July temperature ever recorded here in the UK – ugghh!.

So this mini-heatwave we’re having just now is absolutely unbearable for me – I’m soaked in salty sweat all the time, sticky and stinky, damp hair stuck to my scalp and forehead and neck, and I absolutely hate it. I don’t even do traditional beach resort holidays because I dislike the heat so much – lying on hot sand all day and being eaten alive by foreign bugs is my idea of hell.

I’m not even a huge fan of summer as a season in general – give me the balmy grey delights of spring and autumn any day over the black-or-white extremes of summer or winter…

So anyway, that’s why I feel perfectly justified today in saying ‘Shit, it’s hot!’

One Liner Wednesday

13 thoughts on “One Liner Wednesday: Shit, it’s Hot!

  1. This title sums up everything. Sorry to say we do have air conditioning here in the southern US (though I’m convinced it keeps the murder rate lower in the summer months)…sending cool thoughts your way.

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    1. My in-laws live in Louisiana, and even though its forever hot and humid outside I’m always cold every time we visit, as the a/c is turned up so high! πŸ™‚


  2. I can relate to the heat, and the complaints. We struggled through three weeks of hot, until the thermometer pushed into insanely hot for it’s final act. We have cooled off a bit, and I hope you do soon. Sorry about the lck of A/C – I can’t imagine the subway.

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    1. Apparently the hottest July record in the UK was broken today, reaching 37.7 degreees celsius, but the overall hottest temp of 38.5 was recorded in August 2003…

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