Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Where

Where have I been hiding for the last couple of weeks, some of you may have been wondering? I realise I kind of just dropped off the edge of the blogosphere without a word of warning and haven’t really made much of an appearance here since. But don’t worry, I’m still here, you won’t get rid of me that easily!

The good news is my husband and I have finally sold our flat in London – third time lucky – and as of 31st July we have moved back to Scotland to live. We’ve not actually bought a new house yet, but are avidly house-hunting here in Inverness and in the meantime we’re staying with my mum and dad nearby until we find something we like.

It feels a bit odd camping out in someone else’s spare room at our age, but we’re incredibly grateful to have the option to have some breathing space between selling one property and buying another. Conveyancing processes vary hugely between English and Scottish law, making it incredibly difficult to both sell in England and buy in Scotland at the same time, so this seemed to be the perfect temporary solution.

Luckily for us it suits mum and dad to have us here for the time being too – with dad still recovering from his fourth stroke it gives mum a bit of breathing space too to have us around, and it seems they both appreciate the extra help with dad’s ongoing care, which is great for all of us right now.

We had initially put our leasehold flat on the market in the spring of 2017, but soon realised we would ideally have to extend our lease to make a good return on the property, so withdrew it from sale after only a few weeks to complete the lease extension process. Unfortunately for us that took 13 long months of legal wrangling with a difficult-to-deal-with freeholder to achieve.

And so in the summer of 2018, complete with lease extension, we put the flat on the market again, and soon found a buyer who was happy to offer the price we were looking for – so far, so good. But unfortunately six weeks into the sale process our buyer was made redundant and therefore withdrew his offer before the contract was signed. That was such a huge blow for us, and we felt so devastated we took the flat off the market again, to lick our wounds and regroup…

And so on to this year – with a great deal of trepidation and inevitable caution we warily put the flat back on the market again in the early spring, where we soon found a brand new buyer who absolutely fell in love with our flat, and this time thankfully the sale process has now completed successfully – woo-hoo!

So here we are back in Scotland, my husband and I, right back to the area where we first met 46 years ago, ready to start a brand new adventure in our life together. Wish us luck with our house-hunting, and hopefully the perfect home is out there waiting for us to find it, although for now we’re not entirely sure exactly where! πŸ™‚

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Where

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