Tastes Differ

One of the hardest things I’m finding about house-hunting is dealing with everyone else’s opinion about what kind of property we should be looking for, and where. I mean, my husband and I tend to live our own life in our own way, so we already know from experience that what suits us does not necessarily suit anyone else.

We like what we like and accept the fact that tastes inevitably differ – not just in terms of decor but in the layout of the floorplan of each property and how each individual room space is used. We know we need to choose a home for ourselves, not for everyone else, even if everyone else hates what we end up with.

But we’ll choose a house for ourselves and make it a home that we love, and then hopefully everyone else we love will grow to love it too, because they can’t help but see that we love it regardless ❤

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Differ

10 thoughts on “Tastes Differ

  1. Yes Ruth. We are the same – I think that our tstes are very different indeed to those of most peoople. Good to. See you Ruth. I had been wondering if you were ok. I did not realise you are hiuse hunting, hope you finnd something that you like,,

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  2. Well
    Said! And best wishes hunting –
    One of the best things we ever did every time we house hunted – and sadly we did have to do to a few times with coast to coast moves! Well we ignored the suggestion about “location location location”
    And chose what we wanted
    And we also went with our gut- and glad we did – and you are right – those others will
    Come to
    Love what u pick

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    1. Thank you for the reassurance! It’s so difficult to find what on paper should be the perfect property, then be standing in it and think – nope, not for us… how it feels seems to matter most – but maybe that’s just how it should be? Maybe that’s partly what helps make a house a home 🙂

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      1. Yes / how it feels – ahhhh
        And Whew – it sure can be exhausting at times – so I send good thoughts your way!
        The worse mistake we made was trying to build a home because hat was what we thought should come next / it was years ago and it was our second home – or would have been…. and yuck’ I wasted so much time and only a little money (thank god) but in hindsight we were too young – too busy – and too stressed to build –
        Thankfully the lot was too small for the second set of blueprints and we were released from Contract – and we then went house hunting – and saw a few that made my stomach turn – almost grabbed one for the low price (and to be done) but then found one that made our heart skip a beat!
        It was not Perfect –
        But spoke to us and was the right one for that time – ahhhh
        And your pondering will
        Pay off

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  3. If your like me and I think we have similarities then take my advice buy something for yourselves and nobody else, you have earned the right of a perfect house so don’t settle for less 👍

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