Stream of Consciousness Saturday: ‘Co-‘

Yeah I know, it’s Sunday again and I’m only now getting round to my Stream of Consciousness Saturday post. But in my defense the wi-fi connection here at my mum and dad’s is not the best at the best of times, so I get frustrated and don’t bother half the time.

Anyway, yesterday we went for a walk along the shore at Fort George, which was built after the end of the Jacobite Rebellion and the Battle of Culloden in 1745, when Bonnie Prince Charlie and his co-conspiritors had tried (unsuccessfully) to regain the British throne for the House of Stuart from King George II.

Fort George first opened its heavy studded doors in 1749, long after the Jacobite threat had subsided, and is still occupied by the British Army today. Here’s a couple of pics from around the entrance and outside of the Fort 🙂


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