Now we’ve reached September I suppose a wet and windy autumn is upon us, and the summer sun has truly gone…

My less-than-summery mood at the moment certainly ranges from mediocre damp, drizzly and dull to full-scale blustery and showery several times a day just like the weather outside, leaving me feeling melancholy and miserable, then raw and ravaged in waves of undulating emotion. Since moving from London to Inverness a month ago I’ve not been so careful at managing my anti-depressant medication, and am sadly sufferring the up-and-down consequences of my forgetful inconsistency.

Living temporarily in limbo with my parents until we can move into our new house (still another six weeks and counting) is also taking its toll on my ongoing emotional stability. However grateful we are for having a roof over our heads for the time being, my husband and I are both used to our own space, our own lifestyle, so we’re not finding it easy – but then I suppose it’s not easy for any of us. We’re doing our best to fit in without fuss to mum and dad’s meal-times and food choices and TV viewing etc but oh, how we miss having our own home!

However I suppose one of the good things about me feeling so emotionally unsettled is that I’m starting to feel a creative urge building up inside – sometimes my best artistic out-pourings have been a result of feeling thoroughly frustrated and fed up and psychologically out of sorts, so there’s always the possibility I may find this the perfect opportunity to create a new materpiece of some kind? Or at least attempt something artistic?

I haven’t done any painting for ages, and there’s certainly plenty of landscape inspiration everywhere I turn right now, so perhaps I should make the effort and see what turns up…? πŸ™‚

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Raw

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Masterpiece

3 thoughts on “September…

  1. I bet you won’t even need the antidepressants when you get settled in your new home. What is it a cottage or a house? So exciting Ruth, cant wait to see your paintings I bet they will be great. 😊

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