Staccato and S…L…O…W…

I’ve not been blogging much lately. It’s not necessarily that I’ve got nothing at all to say at the moment, but more that I’ve currently got no easy way to say any of it!

We’re temporarily staying (gratefully) at my parent’s home until we can move into our new house (just under four weeks to go and counting) and frustratingly for us their recalcitrant rural internet connection seems content to see-saw sarcastically between only two speeds – momentarily staccato/ sulking and mind-numbingly s…l…o…w…

It either oscillates in and out of an irritatingly intermittent sine-wave signal in an indecisive Vicky Pollard ‘yeah-but, no-but, yeah-but, no-but’ online/ offline fashion, or alternatively hangs for what feels forever in a treadmill of never-ending nothingness until it gives up the ghost in disgust however many times I ‘retry’ as requested – so either way computer definitely says no.

Words strung into a simple sentence or so it can just about manage to upload at a push, but images of any sort it seriously struggles with, and right now it all feels too much effort to bother much with. So I’m still here in the background, slogging along more than blogging along, temporarily silenced for the time being, building up a backlog of posts…

Prepare potentially to be inundated by a veritable tidal wave of blog posts at a later date once we’re settled into our new home – so please continue to watch this space! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Staccato and S…L…O…W…

    1. Thanks Dan – the whole area’s not so well served anyway, but on top of that mum and dad’s house is a large thick-walled stone-built house nestled in a kind of hollow, so creates the worst possible scenario for getting either a decent mobile signal or intenet connection! 🙂

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