Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Blue

For this week’s stream of consciousness saturday prompt Linda has given us the challenge to post about the first blue object we see when we sit down to write. Not difficult in the sense that I’m sitting propped up on our bed with my laptop on my knee, on a checked blue and white duvet cover. And there’s also a blue floral-ish patterned carpet in the room as well as blue floral curtains – my husband and I are temporarily staying with my parents, sleeping in what is commonly called ‘the blue bedroom’ for obvious reasons!

It’s all done out in a nice dark denim-to-navy blue palette, and the walls and woodwork and furniture are all painted white. There are three rugs, two plain white and one blue flowered. There’s actually a bit too much floral pattern on the carpet and curtains for my liking, but they’re very much my mum’s generational taste of appropriate spare bedroom decor and I’ve certainly seen (and been in!) a lot worse.

I realise from my description it all sounds quite plain and stark (just blue and white) but there are also myriad old books and fussy ornaments and fiddly little nick-nacks cluttering up every available surface, which I’ve tried tactfully to reduce while we’re here to make space for some of our own everyday belongings, so there are also cardboard boxes now full of bits and pieces – some of mum’s, some of ours – neatly stacked around the edges of the room.

This particular gingham check duvet cover was actually our choice, there are several other (distinctly flowery) alternatives available in the linen cupboard but we’ve decided this one suits us best for now. We’ve also got our own bright yellow quilted bedspread folded down across the bottom of the bed, and the woven cane chair in the corner of the room has several of my cotton scarves draped over it, in reds and pinks and mulitcoloured tie-dye, so that gives a real splash of bright colour to our immediate surroundings.

I do like blue, I find it a really calming colour so considering we’re living in someone else’s house for now I’m absolutely fine with our room just as it is. But however grateful we are to mum and dad for letting us stay with them for the time being, oh how we long for our own home again, our own space and the freedom to live our own particular lifestyle choices every day without constant comment or criticism and being left feeling weird and wrong for being different to my parents.

So there we are for today, my rather random blue-topic post written on my blue-covered bed in my blue bedroom – The End! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Blue

    1. We’re just too old for living with parents – as my husband says, he’s pushing 60 and it feels really odd being treated like troublesome teenagers simply for having our own opinions! On a positive note though, it’s really good to be spending quality time with my dad while we can, as his health is visibly deteriorating month by month 🙂

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