Who Won the Week? 15 Sept 2019

I have two joint contenders for Who Won the Week this week, both relating to the current UK political debacle surrounding Brexit and bungling Boris Johnson, our fledgling floundering Prime Minister…

My husband and I like to listen to BBC Radio 4 every morning while we’re pottering about in the bedroom getting up and dressed. Sometimes we hear a whole interview or whatever, and sometimes we just hear snippets in the passing. One morning during this week I heard a comment made by someone (didn’t catch the name) at a local Conservative Club (didn’t catch where) about his personal opinion of Boris Johnson.

What do you think about Boris Johnson? asked the interviewer. The reply came without hesitation from contender number one: ‘Well he thinks he’s Winston Churchill, but he’s not. He’s a buffoon.’

Ha! And this from a bona-fide paid-up member of the Tory Party… Imagine what members of the opposition parties think of him!

Contender number two comes in the form of Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, who during a televised Press Conference with said buffoon commented:

‘Negotiating FTAs (Free Trade Agreements) with the EU and the US […] is going to be a Herculean task for you. We want to be your friend and ally, your Athena, in doing so’

Classically-educated Boris Johnson in a previous Prime-Ministerial Press Conference referred to preferring to allow his Brexit negotiators to continue negotiating with the EU ‘without the Sword of Damocles over their necks’ referring to imminent danger hanging by the most slender of threads potentially clouding their ability to negotiate properly.

So it seemed very fitting for Leo Varadkar to use characters from Greek mythology to send a subtly teasing (yet serious at heart) message to our PM – because when Hercules went on a mad rampage and destroyed his wife and children, it was Athena who intervened, knocking him out and thereby preventing any further damage… Says it all, really…

You, sirs, together absolutely win the week for me hands down – top comments from both of you, and they still make me smile even today 🙂

Fandango’s Who Won the Week?


2 thoughts on “Who Won the Week? 15 Sept 2019

  1. do you think…would it be possible…that mr johnson was voted in as PM so the house of lords (or whichever house it was) could permanently get rid of him? he could just stick his feet in his mouth and the queen would request the country vote him out again? maybe? cause I just don’t get how he actually got the job. He’s your guys Trump….lol

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