Oh My Days!

Oh my days, Fandango seems to have swallowed a dictionary for breakfast this morning – our One Word Challenge today is copacetic… WTF? I had to look that one up, and apparently it means ‘in excellent order’ – ha!

Suffice to say, everything is most definitely not in the least bit copacetic in our new home in Inverness all of five days after we moved in! Our eclectic collection of stuff we had in our London flat is almost all sorted out – as in mostly unboxed and put in place – but we’re remaining mindful that we have a LOT of redecorating to do, absolutely everywhere, so everything will have to be moved around to allow for painting and wallpapering and new carpet-laying… It all feels quite exciting, but also quite daunting.

I know some people prefer to buy a house ‘in walk-in condition’ where absoultely nothing needs to be done, but unfortunately for us the house we loved most is decidedly dated in its decor. It’s an old 3-bed 1930’s bungalow that was updated and extended to what would have been a very high standard in the late 1980s, adding a bigger kitchen and dining room and conservatory, but basically it probably hasn’t been touched since.

So we have a very heavy, solid 1980s wooden fitted kitchen (to be replaced sometime in the future); a heavily ornate wood, brass and marble fireplace (ditto); shiny vinyl striped and floral wallpapers in a variety of traditional patterns; and brass doorknobs and light fittings throughout – including an overbearing sparkly chandelier in the dining room… yuk! All the windows have either venetian blinds or vertical blinds and fussy pelmeted curtains, and the carpets are mostly heavy wool in horrendous hangover pub floor style designs… gross… none of it is to our taste in the slightest…

We’ve got lots planned, though, and have already bought bold new curtains and poles and roller blinds and soft, light-diffusing voiles to put up once we’ve redecorated the walls. We’ve chosen new wallpaper for the living room and master bedroom and have already decided on paint colours, so hopefully we’ll get started on that soon. It’s such fun to visualise how it will look, our beautiful house, once we get it all the way we want it. It’ll just take time… quite a lot of time… Luckily we have the rest of our lives to do it in! 🙂

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