Dressing Up Warm

When I first moved to London in the South of England from Inverness in the North of Scotland, it took me such a long time NOT to feel the need to take a jacket and a brolly with me everywhere all year round. And NOT to have to wear loads of peel-off-able layers to help deal with moving between chillier outdoors and warmer indoors environments, except for the couple of weeks or so that count as the height of summer in the Highlands.

But now we’re back in Inverness, I’m having to learn to dress up warm all over again, and already I’m loving my layers, my chunky knits and cosy clothes and scarves and hats and gloves. So far we’re having a beautifully blustery Scottish autumn with a mix of crisp clear air and blue skies or damp grey moody clouds – oh, it feels so good to be home! ❀

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Dress

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