Problem Solved!

Before we moved up from London to Inverness recently, we took the difficult (but surprisingly liberating) step of shedding much of the everyday household detritus collected and collated over the decades.

We carefully packed those precious smaller articles we cherished, but happily parted with the larger, bulkier items of purely functional furniture like the dated lumpy old sofa-bed and practical-but-boring el-cheapo wardbrobes. We wanted to start afresh in our new home, and for all we knew we would potentially be buying a relatively modern house with a smaller proportioned living room and already-built-in bedroom wardrobes, so didn’t want to pay to move and store furniture we didn’t plan to keep long-term.

And now we are here, in our wonderfully un-modern house with nothing remotely resembling a built-in wardrobe in any of the bedrooms and a beautifully large sunny living room. So we easily found ourselves a new made-to-order sofa to suit, but have spent the last two weeks researching and reviewing and narrowing our options when it comes to potential bedroom furniture. Our bedroom at the moment consists of our bed, two small side tables acting as temporary bedside cabinets, an open clothing rail replete with clothes hangers and lots of stackable storage boxes.

Our dilemma to date has been deciding exactly what we want to buy and where we want to put it, but finally our problem has been solved! We’ve found two lovely wardrobes online, along with one perfectly-proportioned chest of drawers and two good-sized bedside cabinets – not all matching, but all complementary in design – and have ordered them today. Four out of the five items were already reduced in the autumn sale – woo-hoo! – and we also found a 10% discount code to apply to our whole order, saving us a tidy sum overall – result!

So here we are, two very happy bunnies today looking forward to our new furniture for the future! πŸ™‚

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