Haters Gonna Hate

So apparently we’re having a General Election on December 12th, and the usual election campaigning has begun. My understanding of election campaigning is that each political party should tell us what THEY intend to do for the country, and once we’ve heard what all the different parties tell us exactly what THEY intend to do for us all, we make an informed choice and each choose which party to vote for.

However, already (only one day in) things have become confused. If I hear a Conservative politician speak on the campaign trail, I expect him or her to convince me why I should vote for the Conservative Party by explaining basic Conservative policies. Or when a Labour politician is given air time, I expect Labour Party policies to be expounded positively. Instead, Tories seem intent on telling me what an awful mess a Labour Government would make of the country, and Labour are falling over themselves to slag off the Tories.

Personally I don’t want to vote for anyone who is effectively saying ‘ Don’t vote for them, they’re crap’ as a favoured twisted campaign tactic – hiding behind negative anti-other-guy criticism is hardly germane to the question of what YOUR party can positively offer to prospective voters. My message to all those Haters-Gonna-Hate-style politicians out there – forget spewing your skewed opinion on what you think your opponent might or might not do, stick to voicing only your OWN message in plain straightforward language. And if you can’t do that, don’t expect me to vote for you…

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Germane


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