Share Your World: 2nd Dec 2019

What’s your remedy for the holiday blues?

Wherever possible I try to avoid getting caught up in the maelstrom frantic spending sprees of rampant consumerism, and simply make the most of quietly enjoying the nice food and drink and TV scheduling at Christmas 🙂

Your favourite beverage during the holiday season?

It’s an ‘old lady’ drink I know, but I have a penchant for a glass or two of Harvey’s Bristol Cream sherry over the Christmas period… on the rocks! Mmmmm… It’s the only time of year I ever drink it! ❤

What’s your take on pumpkin spice?

No idea – I’ve heard of it but have absolutely no idea what it actually is?

Is there a person or God connected with your holiday?

Nope, Christianity and Christmas clearly parted company a long time ago…

Share a song that you enjoy during the winter season?

I suppose for me it has to be Nat King Cole’s ‘Christmas Song’… 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Share Your World: 2nd Dec 2019

  1. Great post, Ruth 😁 I work in retail, so I see the worst of profligacy and gluttony at this time of year; so I’m with you and like to spend any downtime quietly with my wife. Our remedy is cheesy Christmas movies and Die Hard, drink: Whisky, although I am partial to sherry as well. No idea about pumpkin spice either, and agree wholeheartedly with No4. I don’t really go in for Christmas music and my wife and I will probably watch some musicals like Rock of Ages, Grease and of course Rocky Horror!

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  2. Oh!! You shared my all time favorite Christmas song. It’s the only version of “The Christmas Song” that sounds right to me (apologies to other versions by no doubt great singers). Pumpkin spice must be a big phenomenon in the U.S.A., and less so elsewhere. Rejoice at that, because (to me) pumpkin spice is awful. America has embraced the nasty stuff wholeheartedly and put it in everything! Bleah!

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    1. The UK always seems to ride on the coat-tails of the US when it comes to cultural food fads, so no doubt it will be here too soon enough, if not already 😦


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