Where’s the Map?

We’re a weird family at times, with weird word-usage within our ranks. For example, whenever as a family we received a box of chocolates, or one of those collections of assorted biscuits you often get around Christmas time, a common question when offered to choose from the box would be ‘Where’s the map?’.

I do appreciate people usually associate maps with complex roads and other topographical features showing distances and directions between one place and another but in our family a map, when reduced to its simplest form, is basically a piece of paper that shows you the way to something. Road map, treasure map, food map…

So for example in a box of chocolates, if you want to avoid the random Forrest Gump approach (‘Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get’) to know exactly where the scrumptious coffee cream or silky dairy fudge nestles within, you consult the map provided within the box to find out.

Or alternatively, you may wish to take pot-luck with your choice apart from the nutty ones (me), or the soft-centres (my husband) so you would need to be aware of those particular chocolates to which to give a wide berth to avoid confectionary disappointment. Mind you, if you do happen to choose one you don’t like, it’s always a good excuse to have another ‘just to take the bad taste away…!’

PS Hmmm… Having just finished writing this post a quote has sprung to mind from TV programme ‘Endeavour’ – in my head I can clearly hear the voice of Oxford City policeman Detective Inspector Fred Thursday say dryly of rival police force Oxford County ‘County couldn’t find their arse with two hands and a map’ – ha ha ha ha… the imagery still makes me smile! πŸ˜€

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Map

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