Orchids? Eek!

My sister has brought us a potted orchid as a house-warming present – eek!

I’ve never in my life looked after plants that need ‘proper’ care and attention to thrive, all my previous green-fingered experience (whether indoors or outdoors) has been with the kind of robust non-needy plants that require minimal intervention year in, year out, and not only survive by themselves but keep coming back all on their own. Independent plants that you need to be really, REALLY negligent to kill off.

Anyway, I’ve read up online ‘how to look after a potted orchid’ and have found some really good advice and tips on watering and light and warmth, so forewarned is forearmed… And I’m really keen to learn whatever new housewifery skills I may be required to get my head around in my new home plus conservatory and garden, so I may as well start now. All I can promise thus far is that I’ll do my very best to look after my new orchid, and see what happens…

We’ve also been given three dormant hyacinth bulbs and some dehydrated compost blocks in a pretty ceramic pot as another house-warming gift – a DIY grow your own kit – so apparently once I’ve reconstituted the compost and planted the bulbs they need to live in the cold garden shed for 10 weeks before coming in to the house… Hmmm… OK… I’ve never grown hyacinths before, either… Double eek!

Two brand-new-to-me indoor plant experiments in one fell swoop seems like a good challenging start to the new year in our new house – I already have a thriving potted basil growing on my kitchen windowsill and two schlumbergera, but I’ve had them before in the past (long ago, but it still counts) and know what I’m doing (there or thereabouts) so I’m not a complete novice to houseplant care…. Famous last words! Hopefully I can succeed in learning how NOT to kill potted orchids and hyacinths too… 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Orchids? Eek!

  1. We used to have a house full of orchids. Someone (not me) got a craze for them. They would pop up EVERYWHERE! I wish you well with your orchid Ruth 😊

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  2. I’m not green fingered either but orchids are very easy to look after, they need hardly any attention. Immerse them to cover the compost into a bowl of water every couple of weeks the roots don’t like to sit in water so let them drain well. When the flowers die off, just cut them well back and they will come again… eventually!

    I put my last potted hyacinths bulbs outside and they popped up again in the early spring with out any assistance from me, when they died off I put them into the garden until the daughte caught the with the lawn mower! ,

    Best of luck with your housewifery! 🙂

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    1. Embarrassingly, no – I kept it successfully for three months, then the flowers died, so I thought OK, that’s normal, but then all the leaves fell off too and eventually it looked all naked and vulnerable so I gave up 😦

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