I Saw the Piggies First!

My maternal grandmother never learned to drive, so in her later years whenever we were in the car together I would generally be driving, with my eyes clearly on the road ahead. At particular times of the year along the road between my grandmother’s home and mine – or my mum’s for that matter – we would often pass fields of farrowing pigs (mummy pigs giving birth to baby piglets).

One of my grandmother’s favourite silly games during the journey was for whoever saw the pigs in the field first to shout out ‘I see the piggies first!’. Of course, being the passenger in the front seat, she generally always saw the piggies first, but nevertheless the game was played by all in the family with great alacrity.

Roll forward a decade or so since we lost my grandmother, and I recently found myself a passenger in my daughter’s car, driving along that same road on the way to visit my parents (who still live in the same house), and to my delight, although it was foggy I managed to capture a couple of shots of pigs in a field next to the road! Woo-hoo! Finally after all these years I have actual photographic proof that this time, I saw the piggies first! ๐Ÿ™‚

Weekly Smile


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