History of a House

This morning we received a bulky pack of legal papers from our solicitor – our house purchase last October has now been recorded by the Land Registry and all the formal documentation held with the original Title Deeds now belongs to us.

And it seems that with these information-rich papers, all clearly dated, I can piece together the history of our house from the initial land purchase in 1925 through the first property sale in 1933 all the way through several changes of ownership to us in 2019!

I really love looking through old papers, and however convenient digital documents may be, you can’t beat the smell and feel of handling old paper and ink – it’s a real, genuine hands-on experience to be able to touch the past, an immersion in history that for me, simply can’t be replicated online 🙂

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Paper

5 thoughts on “History of a House

  1. I used to work in a solicitors years ago as a filing clerk, I loved going down in the basement and seeing all the old Deeds? I also worked selling advertising for a group of newspapers and I used to love going down to the basement where they had a copy of every paper ever printed. It was so fascinating.

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