Proof Reading before Pressing ‘Publish’

Why is it that however many times I proof-read a potential post, it’s always in that first minute after pressing ‘publish’ that I find mis-spellings, missed words, and other random mistakes… 😦

JusJoJan 14: Publish

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Press

15 thoughts on “Proof Reading before Pressing ‘Publish’

    1. My trouble is I tend to read what I THINK I’m writing rather than the cumulation and combination of actual letters that appear on the page… I see what I expect to see rather than what is actually there 😦

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      1. Yep, it happens to everyone. When I proofread to be published, I read out loud following along by touching the words as I read them – it’s amazing how many things I catch that way!

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