Monday Peeve: WordPress

I like to follow bloggers using the WordPress ‘follow’ button, that then ensures any posts by this person will show up in my newsfeed or reader list or whatever the hell it’s called, right? Wrong! Or rather, not always, and apparently not forever. Sometimes I’ll think, oh, I wonder if (whoever) is OK, I haven’t seen any posts from them for a while? So I make a point of searching out their blog and low and behold, there are posts aplenty. Just not in my reader. For some reason it appears WordPress has decided I am no longer following them. Maybe sometimes they’ve changed to another blog name, or have added a secondary blog, or have bought their own domain name or something, but sometimes there is no discernible reason for the sudden absence of ‘follow’? Hardly a life and death problem, I know, but nevertheless it’s a peeve I could well do without in my life…

Monday Peeve


8 thoughts on “Monday Peeve: WordPress

    1. I try to remember to check up on people if I haven’t seen anything for a while – sometimes they really haven’t posted anything, but more often than not it’s just that I’ve not seen them showing up in my reader 😦


  1. Associated with that is this issue: when commenting, and it won’t take it, have to unfollow, follow, comment again – drives me nutsssssssss
    And yes, I find the sites I follow don’t show up until I unfollow and follow … again.

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