Moving Out from the Middle

I really love the process of colouring in mandala designs, and I always seem to do it the same way.

I choose a colour – whichever most takes my fancy at the time – and start in the middle. I move outwards in a circular layering-one-colour-at-a-time way, rotating the page as I go, with no fixed plan of where I’m going to go with it all. So I begin, and with each colour layer outwards the look and feel of my design changes. And so with each new layer I decide – does it need a light or dark colour next? Muted or bright? Similar or opposite?

Which colours I choose to use in any one design depends on so much – on my mood, on what colours are running low (so these would necessarily be used more sparingly), maybe even on the weather or time of day, because both affect the natural light available. But whatever the reason for choosing a particular set of colours, my method remains the same – start in the middle, and work outwards 🙂

JusJoJan 24: Change

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